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Because the little things are everything.

As funeral directors, we talk to people who have lost their loved ones every day. Their inspiring stories have helped us understand what’s really important in life.  Nearly every one of our staff members has noticed and commented that it’s the little things that their loved ones tend to miss most.

When it came time for us to create some new TV commercials, it was this insight that we felt passionately that we wanted to talk about. We wanted to remind all West Australians not to miss out on the little moments with their loved ones, because those moments are incredibly precious.

This insight also impacts our role as funeral directors. It’s important to us that we give families the freedom to remember all the little moments they shared with their loved one, without the burden of worrying that the funeral is going to plan. That’s why we attend to every little detail, so the friends and family don’t have to.

We hope you can spare a moment to watch our new commercials and the next time you’re with someone you love, you remember to appreciate it. Because the little things really are everything.