Our Direct Committal Service Fee incorporates the various tasks and services typically involved in arranging, planning and conducting a funeral, including

  • Arrangement Tuesday to Thursday during office hours by phone, email or at our office.
  • Transfer of the deceased into our care within the Perth/Mandurah Metro area.
  • Respectful preparation and placing of deceased in a cotton garment.
  • Direct disposal capsule suitable for cremation.
  • If required, identification at our After Care Centre Highgate, Medina or Mandurah facilities. (Identification time is at our discretion).
  • Cremation – including Cremation Permit and Cremation Fee. (Cremation booking time is at our discretion.)
  • Registration and copy of Death Certificate

Additional Costs

  • Doctors papers fee (only applicable if charged by the doctor)

Optional Cost- To obtain a quote on optional costs, please ask your funeral consultant

  • Cremation Urn

Not Included or Permitted

  • Arrangement at client’s residence
  • A Service, e.g.: clergy, celebrants, music, DVD/AV presentations
  • An extended identification
  • Public Notices
  • Collection of Ashes from Cemetery
  • Embalming

Terms and Conditions

  • Client must provide information requested in a timely manner
  • Payment in full 72 hours prior to identification / cremation or our services will be postponed
  • Variations to any conditions will impact your service fee
  • Prepaid Funeral option available. Administration fee and Cemetery surcharge applies


"We felt the service was very professional and everyone that came was also very happy with the service. The staff was very friendly and their service was great."

- Anonymous