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Multicultural Services

At the heart of our mission is the deep desire to honor and celebrate the life and legacy of your cherished loved one.

We understand that each family comes to us with their own unique background, beliefs, and traditions. It’s our commitment to ensure that our services and packages are customized to meet your individual, cultural, or religious preferences. Every day, we have the privilege of serving families and communities from diverse walks of life, and we take great pride in our sensitivity and respect for cultural diversity.

At Leanne O’Dea, we collaborate closely with families to embrace and incorporate their cultural customs into modern funeral services, all while ensuring strict adherence to local and government regulations.

Below, you’ll find insights into funeral celebrations from around the world, illustrating the rich tapestry of traditions that honour loved ones in unique and meaningful ways.


An Aboriginal funeral is a culturally rich and diverse ceremony that varies among different Indigenous groups in Australia, centred around the belief in the ongoing connection between the living, the deceased, and the land, often involving rituals to guide the spirit and support the grieving community.

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An Anglican funeral is a religious ceremony within the Anglican tradition that commemorates the life of a deceased person through prayers, scripture readings, and rituals, seeking comfort for the bereaved and entrusting the departed to God’s mercy.

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A Buddhist funeral is a ceremony that adheres to Buddhist beliefs and practices, aiming to guide the departed soul towards a favourable rebirth and provide solace for the grieving.

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A Catholic funeral is a religious ceremony that commemorates the life of a deceased individual within the context of Catholic beliefs.

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Greek Orthodox

A Greek Orthodox funeral is a spiritual ceremony that follows Orthodox Christian traditions, aiming to guide the departed’s soul to eternal life and offering solace to the bereaved through liturgical prayers and rituals.

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A Hindu funeral varies across different Hindu traditions and regions, aiming to guide the departed soul through a series of rituals including cremation and prayers to its next journey.

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A Jewish funeral generally occurs within 24 hours after death and is a solemn ceremony that emphasises respect, ritual, prayer and community.

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A Muslim funeral is a solemn and simple ceremony focused on the swift burial of the deceased in accordance with Islamic beliefs and practices, involving specific prayers and rituals.

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A non-religious funeral is a ceremony that focuses on celebrating the life of the deceased person while respecting their non-religious beliefs, using personal reflections, music, and meaningful rituals to honour their memory, usually led by a celebrant.

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A Tongan funeral, rooted in rich cultural traditions, is an elaborate ceremony that honours the deceased, often involving multi-day gatherings with rituals, singing, feasting, and expressions of collective mourning

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