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Recognition of  changes and needs within the local community saw  Leanne O’Dea Funeral Directors  established. Joseph and Betty’s daughter-in-law Leanne, working enthusiastically to create a brand that would enhance the range of services the O’Dea Group was able to extend to families. Joseph and Betty’s fifth child, Lucy, also worked in the Female Division for a short time, bringing to six the total of family members working together at one time.



Memorial Groves.

In 1995, after a chance meeting in a taxi with Tim Lawrence, past president of Men of the Trees (MOTT -now known as Trillion Trees), a volunteer tree planting organisation, Joseph O’Dea Jnr established the Memorial Groves program, and in conjunction with MOTT began planting trees to provide a living and lasting memorial for those who have lost a loved one. Since inception, along with Bowra & O’Dea, Leanne O’Dea have sponsored the planting of over 2.5 million trees in nine Memorial Groves around regional WA and Perth.



Into 2000.

Leanne O’Dea Funeral Directors continues to grow, providing care and understanding while developing very personal relationships with many  families in Perth and the surrounding community.



Looking Ahead.

Leanne O’Dea Funeral Directors  has moved forward and evolved to become one of the leading female funeral directors in Perth.

Working side by side with  parent company, Bowra & O’Dea, Leanne O’Dea are committed to providing an unparalleled level of customer service, being ethical at all times and treating those in their care with compassion and respect.

Proudly West Australian owned.

Leanne O'Dea Story