Community involvement is an important part of our commitment to being ‘the leaders in funeral service’. Educational talks are offered to all areas of the community, from school groups to nursing homes and self-help organisations. Assistance to charitable groups, such as Optometry Aid Overseas, has meant we have collected hundreds of pairs of optical glasses and hearing aids to be sent on to developing countries.

We also offer sponsorships to various groups within the community. These sponsorships may assist in research or support worthwhile projects, which benefit the whole community.

Offering support where we can to areas such as health, youth, employment, multiculturalism and the environment, is integral to the ethics of our family and business.

We believe it is essential to support the youth of our community too and sponsor ‘Youth of Australia’ and events like ‘World Youth Day’.

We also know that sports and recreation are integral to a healthy and happy community and Leanne O’Dea feel privileged to be part of many local bowling, golfing and recreation clubs, as well as events such as the annual ‘City to Surf’ fun run.

"I think you did a wonderful job, everything was well planned and carried out with dignity and respect. The celebrant was very good (recommended by Diane), all the family and friends who attended were very pleased, music was lovely and appropriate."

- Anonymous